What’s the most memorable thing you’ve gotten in the mail?

Could it be a birthday card from Grandma? Maybe it’s the coolest thing off of Amazon you’ve ever ordered. A college acceptance letter? Or maybe it’s not something good, but just memorable all together. Mine is quite simple, and something I will most definitely remember forever. I’ll remember it even if the person that sent the item to me, somehow disappears from my life someday…

My boyfriend and I have been together since January 23rd, and met at the Mid-America Technology Center in Wayne, OK. Both of us are in the Criminal Justice class. It’s a two year program, and I love every moment of it. Bret (My boyfriend) was a 2nd year when I got into the class, and he was one of the most goofy looking guys I had ever met. But I love that about him. He has a great sense of humor, and even though he is bad at showing it at times, he is just a big lovable teddy bear. Standing at six-foot even, he towers over my 5’3 height, but it makes it perfect to hug because my head goes right over his heart. It’s funny though, because his last name is ‘Shorter’ and I am quite notably shorter than he is. His jaw is crooked, and you can tell when he gives a genuine smile, because half of his smile is higher.

July 17th was the last time I saw him, and even though it’s only been two months, it’s still very hard for me to think about. Bret left for Fort Benning, GA, to start his basic training. He joined the Army. Of course, I knew this was going to happen, he was telling me about it before we ever even got together, but that didn’t mean I was ready to not see him for four months. I don’t think he was really, REALLY ready yet either, but it’s not just something you can postpone when you wish.

I remember the day that I got his first letter. I had sent him one about a week before I had gotten one from him, and I remember crying when I had opened it. I remember reading his scratching handwriting, and trying to figure out what some of the words were. I remember calling his mother, and the both of us crying over missing her son.

That was, and will always be something I will remember. I hadn’t spoken to him in two weeks, and then out of no where (At least it felt like it) I got a letter from ‘Pvt Shorter, Bret’.


Photo credits go to the author of the article ‘Love Letters


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